Winter/Spring Enrichment

The winter/spring enrichment classes have been updated. Check out what’s available at Lakeridge.


(709) 623-7273

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International Night



WHEN:   January 25, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

WHERE:  Lakeridge Multipurpose Room

 COST:    Free

A Fun Event for the Entire Family! Come and enjoy a multi-cultural celebration with a delightful array of costumes and decorations as well as delicious samplings of food, drink and desserts from around the world.  


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What is the Lakeridge Ask Campaign?

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2018-19 Lakeridge Ask Campaign

Our dedicate7063747168d para pros (classroom aids) and outstanding enrichment programs funded by the PTA are based on 100% family participation. To keep up with inflation and retain our committed para pros we are increasing our Ask dollars for the 2018-19 school year and are requesting that each family contribute at one of three giving levels.  Thank you for making a difference at Lakeridge!

(972) 389-3283

For more information on what the Lakeridge Ask Campaign is, please 6104652554 You can also see exactly where your donation goes by reading 7603436419


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We need volunteers!

Are you interested in getting more involved at Lakeridge? Click here to check out the opportunities! 

Don’t forget that you need to do a MANDATORY volunteer training EVERY year.  Don’t wait till the day of the field trip! Take training now! 



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